Turtuga Blanku interviews Vandana Shiva

I am promoting the use of renewable energy through this website and my music. But there are a lot of other people out there also doing something in their own special way to contribute to solving environmental problems. I ask each interviewee only five questions.

Filmmaker and sound designer Velcrow Ripper is followed by Vandana Shiva. from India, who is a Right Livelihood, UNEP and UN Award winning physicist, eco-feminist, environmental activist (Navdanya) and also a writer of several books, including Soil Not Oil. TIME-magazine called her "hero for the planet".

1) Save the earth…why?

To save ourselves. The earth is our only home and while it can survive without humans, humans cannot survive without her.

2) What, in your opinion would be the most realistic way to solve the climate problems we are facing?

As I have written in my book Soil not Oil, protecting and growing biodiversity and growing food organically can solve 40% of the climate problem while increasing food security.


3) Do you think that anyone can be -or has the personality to be- "green"?

We are children of the earth, born of her soil and water, her water and air. We are part of her. Being green is recognizing that basic fact. We can and must all be Green if we are to survive as a species.

4) How do you think music can contribute to protecting the environment?

Music is the language of the heart. We need a change of heart. Music can play a big role in a shift to ecological ways of being on this planet.

5) And finally: who would you recommend to also ask the questions you just answered?

(No recommendations given)

Thank you, Vandana!

Next up is 'The World Without Us' author Alan Weisman.

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