Lyrics: First Step

Why donít we compare whatís going on
with a little experiment that has been done
With bacteria, oh some time ago
but itís still relevant as time will show
ĎCause weíre heading somewhere I donít wanna go
and it looks like weíre drifting but we donít go that slow
There is a direction as soon you will see
itís not a matter of right or disagree

Letís take the first step into the lab
On a dish made of glass that is shiny, clean and fresh
Now, what you will need is something good to eat
And enough to drink what do you think

No worries, Iíll make sure there is enough food
And really hot chicks so that you can prove
That youíre a real man and not some goof
Go make your move while youíre in the groove
But what about your buddies, what about your mates
Why donít we make this double triple dates
The more the merrier and plenty of space
And still no shortage of food youíll have to face

Letís take the first step into the bed
On pillows that surpass what is fluffy, clean and fresh
Now, what you will need is to proceed
And produce a lot of fries both girls and guys

It is not lack of space that will kill the human race
Thereís plenty of room even if our numbers boom
But what about the food - what about it, weíre still good
And there is enough to drink just check that it donít stink
Sure, the temperature is rising but itís still not too hot
Nothing we canít handle or work out on the spot
Then what is the problem, why bring this up
Youíre having so much fun in your private petri's club

Letís take the first step and face the fact
That the dish made of glass is no longer shiny fresh
Now what you need to see is the amount and degree
Of waste produced sure has to be reduced

Yes, your life looks agreeable but the outcome is foreseeable
For let me tell you without further ado
It is your own waste that you will start to taste
And your bed will be a bunk in the middle of your junk
And I can guarantee you I wouldnít want to be you
When they have to free you of fungus and de-flea you

Letís take the first step
Letís take the first step

Letís take the first step out of this lab
And out of this mess starting shiny, new and fresh
Now, what we will need is somehow to succeed
To use green machines by all our means

And letís not forget to take the final step
to ensure that the glass stays shiny, clean and fresh
So, what we will need is to take heed
To not repeat our own deceit


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